Sharp NT 175U1 175W Solar Panel

There are many types of solar panels available but only few really deliver reliable performance and maximum efficiency, one good example is the Sharp NT 175U1 175W solar panel.

Be forewarned that some products don’t even last their warranty period because of harsh weather conditions, while others are simply just too expensive or complicated when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Thus, make it a point to take the manufacturer’s integrity into consideration when it comes to making a decision and make sure you know exactly what type of panel you need since there are many models available that suits different requirements.

What goes into the Panel?

The Sharp NT 175U1 175W solar panel comes with 16.2% encapsulated cell efficiency and 13.45% module efficiency, using breakthrough technology honed by Sharp’s nearly 45 years of research and development. The advanced surface texturing process applied to the surface of the Sharp NT175U1 modules helps to reduce reflection of sunlight, helping in the absorption of light even in low lighting weather conditions and maximizing conversion efficiency.

The Sharp NT 175U1 solar panel is not only durable but also efficient and built to last. The white tempered glass, EVA lamination with aluminum frame and weatherproof backskin making it long-life and enhancing cell performance. The panels comply with strict safety and design requirements of UL1703, manufactured in ISO9001 certified facilities and with 25-year limited warranty on power ouput.

All together

All these put together makes the Sharp NT 175U1 panel great for extended outdoor use even in the toughest of weather. It also has nominal 24DC output, appropriate for grid connected systems offers high power output per square foot of solar array. The Sharp NT 175U1 can also be used for office buildings, radio relay stations, solar power stations and even solar villages!

Your search for a solar panel is over. With Sharp NT 175U1 175W solar panel, you get durable, top quality panels and coupled with great service by Sharp’s commitment to quality.